Bespoke Furniture

Stewart Design has become a purveyor of the bespoke ... providing clients with made-to-measure design solutions that weave uncompromising style with meaningful value.

By creating custom furniture for clients we are able to cater to their personality and their space. Jennifer collaborates with talented artisans who employ the traditions of bespoke furniture, skills that often have been passed down for generations. Clients have the unique opportunity to support these crafts and also acquire an original and beautiful piece for their home. These pieces create a new identity in the way people live and entertain now.

Stewart Design also sources vintage furniture pieces and transforms them to fit within our clients’ style and today's world. These time honored pieces have a character and a quality unmatched by most furniture manufactured today. Vintage pieces tell a story of the past, a story of a love affair between man and material. From the feminine shape of a chair leg to the bulbous lines of a sofa; these pieces bring forth a clarity and originality to design. Vintage pieces can bring out the vitality and depth of an otherwise average room.